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WINNER of the Chautauqua Prize.


"An expansive and eloquent memoir that reads like a real-life spy novel … There are lessons both personal and political in the legacy of strife [Copeland] inherits, and Off the Radar explores both with pitch-perfect tone and deep emotion." --Booklist


"Copeland’s book traces a personal, emotional, and ultimately satisfying journey of a son trying to discover who his father really was. Using journals, interviews with his father’s friends and former coworkers, and frank discussions with his mother, the author here puts the pieces together to find out if his father was a CIA agent in Iran during the revolution in the late 1970s. Born in Oklahoma, Max Copeland toured the world at a young age, married Shahin, an Iranian woman, converted to Islam, and moved the family to Iran to eventually become an employee of Westinghouse. Things turn as Max is accused of being a CIA spy and is put on trial for his life. The author weaves a tale full of uncertainty, tension, and drama. The character that shines the most is Shahin, who fights with all of her strength, intelligence, and will as she tries to save her husband and family, not knowing for sure if he is truly a spy or not. VERDICT: This brilliant, touching tale of espionage, discovering family, and balancing cultures is recommended for fans of memoirs, spy stories, and Iranian culture." --Library Journal


"A fascinating collection of memorial remarks about 50 well-known figures." -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

"Copeland has compiled 64 memorials to larger-than-life individuals, written by eulogizers who are equally unforgettable..." -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Eulogies as love stories? They most certainly are. This is an extraordinary collection of 64 good-byes to the famous..." -- The Boston Globe

It is impossible to read these tributes without feeling immense pride... and without weeping, a nourishing experience of humility." -- The Baltimore Sun

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