The son of an American father and Iranian mother, Cyrus M. Copeland moved to Iran with his family at age 10, where the Copelands established residence in Shiraz. After the 1979 revolution, the family moved to Tehran, beginning the period of per- sonal and political upheaval about which Cyrus would write about thirty-five years later in OFF THE RADAR.

Upon returning stateside in1980, Cyrus attended Haverford College and Villanova University, then went on to get his MBA from Cornell––launching a career on Madison Avenue that would span more than a decade. Later, Cyrus went on to publish a book of eulogies of our cultural heroes––famous artists, writers, scientists, musicians and visionaries ––which led to an improbable incarnation as a speaker on the funeral director circuit.

Cyrus has traveled coast to coast, talking about the art of remembrance, and now his own experiences, stories, and perceptions of Iran. He has appeared on TV, NPR, BBC, Voice of America and has written about his experiences for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Slate, and the Huffington Post. A commanding speaker with a bi-cultural understanding of the challenges we face, Copeland is known for his ability to draw aside the curtain and talk about the Iran no one knows.

A longtime resident of Manhattan, Copeland enjoys traveling the world and counts Thailand, Nepal, Bali, Europe, and South America as notches on his travel belt. Having chronicled his family’s extraordinary experiences during the revolution in Off The Radar, he alternates his time between speaking engagements, travel, and working on his next book.